ISA May 5th: Dr Matthew Tyas


poster download: ISA may 2016


tonight: Shipwright sessions

Line up: Gemma Garwood, Andy Fentham, Mrs. Trout, Will Parker,
Jerome Fletcher, Mat Knight


ISA March 3rd: Carolyn Shapiro


ISA march 2016 (poster download)


Anish Kapoor’s large public sculpture exhibited last summer at Versailles, Dirty Corner, elicited a series of violations. These violations were the consequence of the rallying together of a set of myths whose excessive forces smashed up against each other, filtered through each other, and then erupted into an extremist expression that didn’t quite make sense. Why would Kapoor’s giant sculpture of Queen Marie Antoinette’s open vagina, set in the middle of the gardens at Versailles, bring forth Anti-Semitic vandalism? This question has persisted in my mind ever since the second case of vandalism occurred upon Dirty Corner, in September 2015. The first defacement consisted of yellow paint sprayed across the sculpture, an angry response to the insult to the nation of which Kapoor was accused. When the spray paint was cleaned off, vandals got even angrier, the formerly aggressive sprayed paint graduating into explicitly Anti-Semitic language. My paper seeks to prise apart the knot of myths that seems to have come together sheerly through the realised potential of its component forces, notably, misogyny, nationalism, and Anti-Semitism.



ISA birthday bash

thanks Neil for the recording of ‘Happy Birthday ISA’ sung in monotone by multiple voices (instigated by Andrew Marsden)

pics so far…

Brendan Byrne does the ‘the’ (pic Fiona Leus)

Will Salter on the ‘S’ – cornish performance swansong (pic by Fiona Leaus)

Andrew Marsden on ‘ISA’ – Venn diagram (pic by Fiona Leus)

and big thanks for the birthday present – a marvelous hand painted ISA Venn sign for the Gluvias gate (pic of that to follow) – lovely